Picture Book Authors

We are so glad you’re here! I’m the author of nine children’s picture books for ages three to eight. I have been fortunate to coauthor “Once Upon A…Zoo” and “Beau’s Bayou Treasure” with my daughter, Maggie.  We are now the proud authors of a new series published by Pelican Publishing, an imprint of Arcadia.  Making its debut in Fall 2021 was “All Aboard, Georgia”.  Next up is “All Aboard, Louisiana” which will  release Fall 2022.  And…next up is “All Aboard, Tennessee”, scheduled to release Fall 2023.

Maggie and I both live in Marietta, Georgia.  We enjoy visiting bookstores and sharing our stories with you.

Thanks for stopping by.  We will keep you posted on upcoming events and new books!

Rosalind and Maggie Bunn