Once Upon A Zoo

This title was launched Spring 2018 at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Atlanta, GA.  A Princess is searching for the “perfect pet”.  She quickly learns that it is not what you “look for”, but what you take the time to see.


 Thunder and a Lightning Bug Named Lou

Lou is a little lightning bug with a big problem—his light is too bright.  But as Lou soon discovers, sometimes what makes you different is what makes you special.



Whose Shadow Do I See?

Whose Shadow Do I See? is a bedtime story where shadows are imagined to be all sorts of things by a little boy who is not ready for the last story to be read and turn off the light. The grandfather explains what each shadow really is and soon the last shadow that is seen is of the little boy sleeping. This story is for any child who has ever not been ready to go to bed or whose vivid imagination makes them fearful of the dark.  This title is now part of the City of Milton’s Book Trail.


The Monsters Three

 The Monsters Three is a Halloween story about little rude monsters who have a night of trick or treating where they learn a few manners along the way and are no longer monsters, but children again, at the end of the story.


The Butter Bean Lady

The Butter Bean Lady is a story of love and acceptance in South Georgia in the 1950s.  The childhood memories of Dianne Buchanan Gurr come to life in this delightful book.  As Dianne’s grandmother buys produce brought to her door, two young girls have many adventures, playing games and make-believe as they enjoy the afternoon.  The family meal with friends culminates the day and brings a smile to everyone’s face.  The poignancy of this story is read between the lines by all of us that are over that innocent age.

**This title was recently accepted into the Atlanta History Center’s bookstore.


Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy

A fanciful story of Sophie May, who buys hi-top pink tennis shoes for school, but cannot tie them. The Shoe Untying Fairy plays with her laces, and gives Sophie May a rhyme to teach her how to tie those shoes. Follow Sophie May’s attempts as she masters this important skill, and goes on to teach a friend how to tie his shoes!